Bra broar byggs med bra verktyg. Two Striper diamantinstrument!
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About us - in English

(well, at least Swenglish...)

The Ahgren's Dental AB story started 1979 in Stockholm, Sweden. Today we are located in the Stockholm archipelago, hence the photo. Our first product line was

Abrasive Technology's Two Striper diamond instruments.

Stockholm archipelagoWe soon realized the potential of these products and decided to make them one of our main product lines.

We visit dentists in the 12 largest cities in Sweden. The personal contact with our customers and prospects is important, nothing can match seeing a product in real life and to be able to compare it to whatever product currently is being used in the practice.

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Ahgrens Dental AB - Swedish company.

Since 1974 we have specialized in diamond instruments for dentist, hygienists and dental technicians.

Now we are expanding our line with hight-tech endodontic products and there are number of other interesting things coming soon..

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